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开发 Unit Radius LLC

OK, we are liberal. Progressive, even. We own an iPhone. Dream car: Toyota Prius. Regular weeping bouts over the fate of penguins and polar bears (not the penguins eaten by polar bears, but the nice ones that drown when the ice melts).

But all this economic turmoil and news of home invasions has made us uneasy. Left us craving for something to cling to, something that could not be pried from our cold, dead fingers. And yet, horrors, we could not buy or own an instrument of destruction. Hmmm... we are already using our iPhone to level bookcases and to simulate certain sounds... why not tap its real potential? A blinding muzzle flash of insight followed.

iGun3D. The gun simulator with real 3D highlights and scary echoing sound. Ammunition: unlimited. Angular response: 360 degrees pitch, roll, and yaw. Amuse your friends by shooting them! (You are shooting with them, not at them.) Get loads of laughs at security checkpoints! You want politically incorrect? You got it!